Today we have leaked details on the AMD Snowy Owl SoC for servers, which will be based on Zen architecture as AMD Ryzen and AMD RX Vega graphics.

AMD is trying to take advantage of the company’s momentum in the processor market. The new bet is high-end processors with Zen architecture as AMD Ryzen processors coupled with AMD RX Vega graphics. These new AMC SoC, are called Snowy Owl, which will be part of the EPYC 3000 family.

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AMD’s commitment is to offer an infinite number of solutions, which give a good performance at a much lower price than the competition. This is clearly reflected in the Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, Workstation Ryzen Threadripper, mobile processors, Ryzen 5 Mobile, Raven Ridge and of course, the EPYC processors, intended for the servers. AMD Snowy Owl is designed for the last segment, but in this case they are SoC for embedded servers focused towards small companies who do not have to invest so much money in more powerful and complex solutions that give an equally high quality performance.

AMD Snowy Owl is the codename for Epyc 3251, an Epyc 3000 series chip that will be AMD’s first Zen-based SoC. This new processor will be integrated in SP4r2 BGA type socket and it will be directly soldered to the PCB. These new SoCs are a reduced version of the Naples, but in this case they will reach up to 16 cores and the version of Vega will possibly be quite cropped, although there are no data on this. AMD will launch two versions, a single-chip module or SCM, which will have eight cores and sixteen processing threads and a multi-chip or MCM module, which can reach sixteen cores and thirty-two threads.

This solution comes to compete directly against the Xeon-D, with some interesting advantages. Both processor families compare the maximum number of processing cores and threads, but the Snowy Owl offers memory support in the Quad Channel configuration, while the Xeon-D only supports Dual Channel memory. AMD SoCs will have 32MB of L3 cache compared to the 24MB L3 cache of Intel’s SoC, and in addition, this AMD solution supports double the number of PCIe lines, with a total of 64 lines.

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