Roy Taylor, corporate vice president of AMD posted a picture of the Tiki PC equipped with Radeon R9 Fury X2, built by Falcon Northwest, to his Facebook page. The Tiki system is designed as ‘the best developer box for VR and DX12’. The new system is 9 times more powerful than Xbox One and 7 times more powerful than a PlayStation 4 occupying the same size.

AMD shows Radeon R9 Fury X2 powered Tiki PC, 9 times more powerful than Xbox One



Best of all is that this team would hide inside a Radeon Fury X2 air cooled graphics card, the card will be much longer than R9 Fury X. According to rumors, it will reach an output of 12 TFLOPs, making it the world’s most powerful graphics card. We also heard about this small and powerful gaming machine at VRLA Winter Expo from AMD’s VP Roy Taylor where he said that,

“Last time I was here I also promised you that we would make the world’s most powerful small computer for developers. We promised you we would take two of our highest end GPUs and put it inside that tiny box and if you go downstairs we actually have a demonstration of a dual GPU, 12 TeraFlops, fastest GPU solution in the world, inside of Tiki. It’s a feat of engineering we are delighted with.”

The up and coming dual chip Radeon R9 Fury X2  – highlights two code-named “Fiji XT” graphics processing units with 4096 stream processors and 4GB of HBM memory. Altogether, the graphics solution highlights 8192 stream processors and 8GB of high-bandwidth memory. The GPU will be powered through two 8-pin PCI Express power connectors, which implies that it can devour up to 375W, which may demonstrate that its clock-rates and force utilization are not by any means high.

Below you can see the comparison between R9 390X reference design and Tiki’s GPU.


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