AMD is working to launch its own portable external graphics solution for notebooks. This solution will allow gamers or professionals to enjoy the external graphics card connected to their laptops or ultrabooks externally without hampering mobility equipment when we left home. By using an external box that has its own power supply, we can add any graphics card from high-end to low-end series and make a laptop to run any game without seeing impaired temperature or energy consumption, as the graphics card will be cooled outside the computer and feeds with its source connected directly to the wall socket.

AMD seeks to provide a Standardized External Graphics Solution


AMD now seeks to create an open specification that laptop manufacturers can take advantage of, this translates to providing an ecosystem with software for its AMD Radeon GPUs help to create a truly universal solution and plug-n-play with “standardized connectors, cables, drivers and operating system support. ” Graphics card will be connected to any laptop via a high speed interface (e.g., Thunderbolt). This gives you the mobility of an ultra-thin notebook and power of a high – end machine. You should also be able to plug this into your work’s boring Dell desktop, or any SFF ITX box. The picture you can see about is of a Razer Core graphics solution embedding a Radeon R9 Nano.

Via: TechPowerUp