After AMD Vice President Raja Koduri uploaded a photo of him on Twitter holding a PC with AMD Ryzen CPU, the stock cooler models were leaked for the AMD’s new 65 and 95 watt TDP CPUs in Three variants.

AMD Ryzen Stock Heatsink Cooler Leaked

Pic Courtesy: HardwareBattle

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The simplest stock cooler is the circular one for models with a TDP of 65W. Then we have a variant for 95W with a larger size, which suggests that it features a heavy aluminum radiator or Heatsink, and then a redesigned version of AMD Wraith, the high-performance model that will arrive with AMD Ryzen 7 1700. All of them feature a ring with LED lighting.

As an example, regarding the current AMD Wraith Heatsink offered by the company with the AMD FX, its performance is quite similar to the Hyper 212 EVO, so  users will not be forced to buy a heatsink next to the processor. On the other side, Intel no longer offers heatsink with high-end processors, so the price of the CPU must be added to the heatsink, and there is a very big difference between each one has the option to choose whether to keep or change it.

AMD Ryzen R7, R5 and R3 Alleged Specifications:

 AMD Ryzen ProcessorCoresThreadsBase / Turbo FrequencyComparable performance
AMD R7 1800X8163.00 – 3.60 GHzCore i7 6900K
AMD R7 Pro 18008163.00 – 3.60 GHz
AMD R7 1700X8163.00 – 3.60 GHzCore i7 7700K / 6800K
AMD R7 17008163.00 – 3.60 GHzCore i7 7700
AMD R7 Pro 17008163.00 – 3.60 GHz
AMD R5 1600X6123.20 – 3.50 GHzCore i5 7600K
AMD R5 Pro 16006123.20 – 3.50 GHzCore i5 7600
AMD R5 15006123.20 – 3.50 GHzCore i5 7500
AMD R5 Pro 15006123.20 – 3.50 GHz
AMD R5 1400X483.20 – 3.50 GHzCore i5 7400
AMD R5 Pro 1400483.20 – 3.50 GHz
AMD R5 1300483.20 – 3.50 GHz
AMD R5 Pro 1300483.20 – 3.50 GHz
AMD R3 1200X443.10 – 3.40 GHz
AMD R3 Pro 1200443.10 – 3.40 GHz
AMD R3 1100443.10 – 3.40 GHz
AMD R3 Pro 1100443.10 – 3.40 GHz