If you have a computer coupled with an AMD Ryzen CPU than you are in luck, because the manufacturers have launched a wave of BIOS for their motherboards that incorporate the microcode AGESA This firmware directly influences in performance improvement of the platform thanks to the improvement in the compatibility and performance of the RAM in the platform.

AMD Ryzen New Bios Bring Performance Improvements

AMD Ryzen

Some manufacturers already offered update to this microcode since last April 11  for some specific motherboards, but it has not been so far when we can talk about a massive availability. With these new BIOS you will be able to use memory modules of up to 3200 MHz or 4 modules of memory to 2667 MHz. There are some models that still are not being updated, we leave you with a list with the most recent BIOS for each model.

BIOS based on this new code will have four major improvements for Ryzen:

  • We have reduced DRAM latency by approximately 6ns. This can result in higher performance for latency sensitive applications.
  • We solved a condition in which an unusual FMA3 code sequence could cause a system crash.
  • We solved the “overclock sleep bug” where an incorrect CPU frequency could be set after resuming from sleep state S3.
  • The AMD Ryzen Master no longer requires the High-Precision Event Timer (HPET).

We will continue to update future AGESA versions when they are complete, and we are already working hard to offer you in May a new BIOS that focuses on DDR4 memory with Overclocking.



  • AX370-Gaming K7 F3
  • AX370-Gaming 5 F5
  • AX370-Gaming K5 F2
  • AB350-Gaming 3 F6
  • AB350M-Gaming 3 F4
  • GA-AB350-Gaming F4


  • Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming 2.00
  • X370 Taichi 2.00
  • Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4 2.20
  • X370 Killer SLI/a –  2.30
  • Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 2.50
  • AB350 Pro4 2.50
  • AB350M Pro4 2.10
  • AB350M 2.00


  • ROG Crosshair VI Hero 1002
  • Prime X370-Pro 0604
  • Prime B350-PLUS 0609
  • Prime B350M-A/CSM 0604


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