Nothing better than enjoying a Saturday evening with leaks of the AMD Ryzen 6000, and this time news is coming from a very reliable source in the sector, Greymon55, has revealed that the new family of processors based on the Zen3D architecture will go on sale at Christmas this year.

It should be remembered that the AMD Ryzen 6000 series is nothing more than a “refreshed product lineup” to make waiting for the most important launch of the company, the AMD Ryzen 7000 as these processors will arrive with a new Zen4 @ 5nm architecture and access to DDR5 RAM, while the Ryzen 6000 are nothing more than a Ryzen 5000 with a cache on steroids.

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According to AMD, memory dubbed 3D V-Cache can offer up to a 15% performance improvement. Basically it is the same that happened with the Intel Rocket Lake, which arrived to make the wait for more pleasant and most important launch in recent years from blue camp, Alder Lake. Of course, industry rumors suggest that with the Ryzen 6000, we could be facing a Zen3 + architecture together with the use of the 6nm manufacturing process to give a performance bonus towards the launch of Intel’s hybrid CPUs, since it depends solely on upgrading the cache is risky.

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