There are new rumors about the AMD Ryzen 3000, specifically coming from 1usmus or Yuri Bubliy known for being the creator of the popular DRAM calculator for Ryzen, which indicates that AMD has made great progress, especially by bringing a new design where the memory controller has been removed from the inside the cores to have its own space as a separate and independent chip that AMD baptized as I / O die.

The 3rd generation of AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs @ 7nm will be a worthy rival at the level of memory overclock with respect to Intel. In the BIOS for the Zen2 you will find the memory frequency options to select up to the DDR4 – 5000, which translates into a huge improvement over the first Ryzen. The frequency of the DRAM memory is linked to the frequency of its Infinity Fabric (IF) technology, so if the memory reaches the speed of 5000 MHz, Infinity Fabric would also reach 5000 MHz.

Obviously, to access all these improvements, it will be necessary to acquire a motherboard equipped with the AMD X570 chipset, so it is a very good excuse to update the motherboard for those users who already have a Ryzen 1st Generation CPU. While using one of these motherboards allow us to access the 5000 MHz and the new divider, it will still be necessary to acquire the best memory kits in the market to achieve such frequency.

1usmus also discovered that the platform adds a SoC OC mode and VDDG voltage control. Several sources have also revealed that AMD has invested heavily in improving memory compatibility, especially after Samsung stopped manufacturing its B-die DRAM memory chips.

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