NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics card is recently facing lots of criticism because of 3.5GB of memory, we can say like a badly battered woman, although manufacturers are trying to origin this matter on the lighter way, but angry players are not ready to deal with specific programs, the only way to calm those players is to give them a refund or to release the new driver (According to NVIDIA’s employee engineers are working on a special driver). On the other side of the note competitor AMD is not in a mood to miss this promotional opportunity, claiming that “AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics cards 4GB memory means 4GB“. Roy is not even behind in criticism, He tweeted that:

Anyone returning their GTX970 and wanting a great deal on a Radeon with a full 4Gb please let us know. Currently the price of R9 290X also dropped to $299, shortly before it was R9 290 graphics card price.

AMD is rubbing salt on NVIDIA’s wound: Our 4Gb means 4Gb


AMD’s Radeon R9 290 series graphics card is featuring Hawaii XT Core to support 512bit interface, 64 ROP units with 4GB of memory, 4GB of memory is more appropriate than a 256bit with NVIDIAGTX 970 at the time of the accident, AMD stands up to promote that their 4Gb is real 4Gb memory.

GTX 970 graphics card out of the question and did not affect the price of the graphics card, the current mainstream price remained stable at around $342 (Amazon), while AMD R9 290X 4GB memory card is also selling at almost the same price $319 (Amazon). Now if we compare both bad boys in terms of temperature and power consumption GTX 970 has an edge. The performance of non-public version of the GTX 970 with a high frequency of the public version R9 290X is also similar and non-public version of R9 290X version will be slightly higher in terms of performance. GTX 970 selling like hot cake days are coming to an end?

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