AMD’s most recent yearly shareholders insider report verified that the first AMD ARM 64bit server chips are going to release in the initial half of 2015.

Code named Hierofalcon the brand new server processors belongs to AMD’s R range embedded item portfolio. The Hierofalcon code name isn’t a really brand new one.

A year ago AMD revealed its ambidextrous approach to build up both ARM and x86 centered high end and highly proficient processors. For the embedded, mobile, sever and client marketplaces. The organization started sampling its first ARM focused 64 bit product code named Seattle just last year. AMD’s recent financial infusion into server CPU R&D will unquestionably assist the firm expedite this plan.

A bit from AMD’s annual report:

“In October 2014, we began sampling our first 64-bit ARM Cortex-A57-based AMD Embedded R-Series
SoC, codenamed “Hierofalcon.” The AMD Embedded R-Series SoC platform is designed for embedded data
center applications, communications infrastructure and industrial solutions and is expected to ship in the first half
of 2015.”

Hierofalcon is among the most vital items in AMD’s Embedded high-performance array. It is the very first 64-bit ARM based embedded SOC approach from AMD. Fueled upto 8ARM Cortex-A57 cores clocked at 2 .0 GHz, 4 MB of L2 cache moreover, developed on the 28nm process infrastructure. The chip will ship in the SP1 BGA packaging and offerssome new cache coherency element such as full cache coherency, 8 MB L3 cache and SMMU ( I/O address, mapping and also protection ). The microchip permits dual channel 64-bit DDR3/DDR4 mem. channels ( ECC ) with clocks of up to 1866 MHz.

The SOC possesses a TDP of 15 – 30 W. The highly integrated SoC includes 10 Gb KR Ethernet and also PCI-Express Gen 3 for high speed networking connectability, which makes it well suited for control plane apps. The chip also offers a dedicated security processor which allows AMD’s TrustZone technology for improved security . There’s also a separate cryptographic security co-processor on-board, aligning to the enhanced demand for networked, secure systems.


AMD anticipates to commence shipping Hierofalcon in the very first half of 2015 therefore at some time between this month and June. Following the intro of Hierofalcon AMD isabout to bring in its SkyBridge platform. Presenting interchangeable 64bit ARM and x86 low power processors and APUs. SkyBridge items will be developed on 20nm . And will attribute SOCs that are outlined in such a way to make them pin workable with a single socket . So both ARM and x86 processors can be utilized on the same socket.


Nevertheless 2016 is when stuff is certain to get seriously appealing. That’s when AMD will probably bring in its own customized high performance 64bit ARM core code named K12.  Also introduce the company’s brand new “from scratch” high performance x86 core code named Zen.


AMD has says it strategies to introduce the K12 and Zen “sister cores” in initial 2016. Lisa Su also verified that AMD’s forthcoming cores is going to be the first from AMD to bebuilt on a FinFET process.
We’ve additionally discovered through leaks by our friends from Sweden at that AMD will be launching a product family code known as Summit ridge featuring 8 core CPUs based on Zen the coming year. Summit Ridge is going to allegedly support DDR4 memory and debut with a brand new FM3 socket. All inside aeconomical 95W TDP. We’ll learn more as AMD discloses its future roadmaps upcoming month, so stay tuned.

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