AMD re-innovates its Athlon and Sempron lineup after a long wait of 4 years, does this mean that we could expect major upgrades over previous Athlons or Semprons? We will just find that out in this report so let begin.

AMD’s  releases for AM1 platform

AMD officially released the AM1 platform along with the low powered mobile “Kabini” APUs which were unveiled and brought to the limelight. One of the remarkable features of the platform is that this is the first time AMD introduced a separate SoC APU with the use of independent socket FS1b. But one more fact that fascinated the fans was that AMD without any notice or rumors beforehand launched the Athlon and Sempron Desktop CPUs which were the classic Desktop CPUs from AMD. And since AMD re-introduced these CPUs after a long break of 4 years since last updated Athlon and Sempron, therefore one can expect major upgrades and features that could help AMD to dominate Intel in the CPU sector again.

Rebirth of the Athlon and Sempron

AMD CPU lineup 2014
AMD CPU lineup 2014

One of most famous classic CPUs from AMD are no doubt the Athlons and their glory is well known and there’s not much to explain. But it won’t be wrong to say that the advent of APU era, Athlon became endangered and AMD dropped few variants and only put up select models on the shelf and that also they were taken off on January 2013 and many thought that this marked the end of Athlon era. And November 2009 marked the end of Sempron lineup when the single-cored Sempron 140 completely disappeared. And the last update to these CPUs were 4 years ago from now on AMD introduced new logos for Athlon and Sempron with same overall design but Athlon sporting red background while Sempron has white (which would be lowest end of the lineup).

Concluding with mixed feelings

But we don’t have an official report from AMD claiming this. And the only sad thing about this platform is that AM1 Athlons and Semprons are not going to enter the Chinese market, thus domestic players missed a chance to relive the classic.

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