Few days ago, AMD senior vice president Roy Taylor tweeted about their new release of a Processor from FX series, and the new processor will be equipped with a bundle of Water-Cooler Radiator: The Coolermaster Seidon 120M. FX fans wasn’t less excited, but at that time that tweet was just a Teaser. Now today, the mystery has finally been unveiled. AMD has come up with their this product- FX9590 Processor base Clock frequency is 4.7GHz and Turbo Boost to 5Ghz no change in frequencies, they have actually re-launched it again, but this time with a one Cooling Radiator AIO the total package cost is $359.

AMD to re-launch 5GHz FX 9590 with Liquid Cooler

FX 9590 With Water Cooler Radiator

AMD certainly does not endorse, last year’s E3 Expo in June announced that there would indeed 5GHz AMD processors, but officials have been saying for the OEM market, and not for the retail market, now people have just come out of it.

About FX-9590 processor, We already spoke to much before about this processor, in simple terms: FX-9590 is still based on the old-fashioned Piledriver architecture, the base frequency 4.7GHz, the boost frequency is 5.0GHz, 8 core design, L2 Cache 8MB (each module 2MB), L3 cache shared 8MB, support DDR3 -1866 memory, Overclocking Support, support AM3 + platform, TDP power consumption of up to 219W.

Detailed specifications chart of AMD FX Series:

Detailed specifications chart of AMD FX Series
Detailed specifications chart of AMD FX Series

FX-9590 performance tests was also done quite a few times ago, we can say the detailed analysis of the FX-9590 temperature, power consumption and cost , overall performance is slightly better than the Core i7-2600K, CPU application performance close to Core i7-3770K, but the cost is quite large, 220W TDP power consumption, and power consumption is very exaggerated.

With a water-cooled radiator FX-9590 is priced at $ 359, the domestic price is unknown. When the original FX-9590 has just come out, revealed to the predetermined price up to $920 and then gradually decreased, but at that time there was no water-cooled radiator.  The Radiator Cost is $60.