Latest rumors indicate that the launch of the AMD Radeon X2 R9 Fury (aka Gemini) is now too close and we will see its debut in this month of November or in the worst case in early December, so trying to get face time seeking to stimulate the Christmas season sales.

AMD Radeon X2 R9 Fury to be released just before year’s end


Around the Gemini R9 / R9 Fury X2, we would find  two GPUs Fiji XT with a total of 8192 Stream Processors, 512 TMUs and ROPs 128 @ 1000 MHz  coupled with  8GB of HBM @ 500 MHz memory and memory interface 1024 GB / s. All this together gives a yield floating point of 16.38 TFLOPs with a TDP that would look at the 375W, since it is powered by two PCI-Express connectors 8 + 8 pins. The graphics card will be cooled by water and could lead to a price around 1,300 euros.

No doubt, this would be the most powerful graphics card in the market focused on users who make use of an Ultra HD (4K) or Multi-Monitor configurations.

The design card looks huge, yet not as large as present era dual GPU adopters because of utilization of HBM memory. The board uses a PCI Express scaffold from PLX, much the same as today’s double GPU graphics cards from AMD.