The aging GPU Tahiti is about to get a successor. In the late summer AMD Radeon R9 280 and 280X will be replaced by the new GPU Tonga.

AMD Radeon Tonga will be the successor of R9 280 and 280X

The delayed transition to 20 nanometer manufacturing technology forcing AMD and Nvidia to show the plan. The effect of this could already be seen at the launch of the first graphics processor architecture Maxwell, produced with the same 28 nanometer technology. But AMD is still in the struggle, although AMD is concerned and must use existing technology for future GPUs. A few days ago revealed GPU Tonga, we believed it was the response to Maxwell, namely the GeForce GTX 750 and 750 Ti. However, it is not necessarily the whole truth.

According to foregin the news Tonga is a direct successor to the aging GPU Tahiti, which is used in the Radeon R9 280 and 280X. This means that the GPU probably show up in a higher performance rating than today’s Maxwell-based video cards.

The specification are not clear, but the GPU looks to be a scaled down version of Hawaii with 256-bit memory bus, which can be compared with the 384-bit bus width in Tahiti.

The new Tonga GPU will be launched in the third quarter, August or September.

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