The foreign media Videocardz has published the leaked slides of AMD Radeon Software “Crimson” presentation. The new material features lots of details on the latest improvement from AMD side. The new driver is equipped with a few mature, and very few technical improvements, which is why Crimson is a new suite built from scratch and will replace the Catalyst Control Center (CCC) merging with the advantages offered by the client Raptr (you have to install separately).

The application offers a minimalist interface, promises a quick response, and is designed for both gamers and professional users. According to the Radeon Technologies Group, these drivers will give you the best and accurate performance and also reduce the existing graphics performance gap against NVIDIA, and all this at 0 cost for users.

AMD Launches Radeon Software’Crimson’, NVIDIA has much to Fear


Summarizing slides, AMD recognizes that its software has always been its weak point. In the current year (2015) they have launched only 3 major certified updates (WHQL), while nine Beta updates, although the company has been offering support on launch day for important games like the Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 or Star Wars: Battlefront.

By 2016, they expect at least 6 certified updates, while the Beta drivers will continue to offer additional enhancements to shorten waiting times between certified and offer optimizations and update profiles as major titles will arrive.


Crimson promises to run 10 times faster compared to CCC, includes 12 new features, will increase the performance of graphics cards up to 20 percent, and promises to reduce power consumption by up to 80 percent.

AMD now hear all the players and professionals because with new drivers there would be a unique web for users to report problems in games or applications, AMD will publish more important complaints on its website and give them priority in addition to indicating when they will release the solution for it.


Regarding the Crimson configuration, add  a new interface more intuitive, a new manager for games, application Overdrive is renewed completely, like video interface, display and AMD Eyefinity. Also include the “tool AMD Clean Uninstall Utility “which is nothing more than the” DDU “AMD drivers clean 100% and then proceed to update the drivers to the latest version if you have problems or want a clean install.


Improvements continue with the Low Framerate Compensation (LFC), which will run more smoothly thanks to an algorithm that automatically adjust the FPS of GPU with the refresh rate of the monitor (AMD FreeSync), you can create screen resolutions customized with your own timings, refresh rates and frequency of pixels, or activate the Virtual Super Resolution (VSR) to have a native image 2K on a 1080p monitor at no additional cost (improves quality the games).

The APUs will gain power and graphics quality, the re-scaling of the content will be of higher quality (eg. 1080p to 4K), an algorithm of contrast is added to improve the quality of the videos, the DirectX 12 games will improve by 20 percent performance, load times will be reduced by 33 percent (Star Wars: Battlefront) thanks to the “Shader Cache” application, and on Linux improved gaming performance up to 155 percent.

Below you can find some more slides from AMD Radeon Software “Crimson” presentation.






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