AMD official new driver of future codenamed “Crimson” will provide an excellent new user experience, containing 12 new or enhanced features, graphics performance increase up to 20% compared to the previous generation, adjustable feature allows Power efficiency nearly doubled its rock-solid stability covering the full range of AMD graphics products.

Radeon Software Crimson Slides

AMD Radeon Software “Crimson” 15.30 Driver Description

AMD Radeon HD 5000 / HD 6000 / HD 7000 / HD 8000 / R9 / R7 series Radeon Crimson latest official version of the graphics driver For Win7-32 ​​/ Win7-64 / Win8.1-32 / Win8.1-64 / Win10-32 / Win10-64 followed 13 years of AMD graphics driver “Catalyst Catalyst” and “CCC driven management center” today officially retired, replaced by a “Radeon Software” and “Radeon / FirePro settings.”

Radeon software Crimson Edition includes:

1) Radeon settings a new simplified user interface: Designed for AMD hardware for optimum performance, a Radeon set of user-friendly, feature-rich, fast response. It also provides a more intuitive navigation, the new game manager, new Overclocking feature and video interface. The AMD Eyefinity technology section allows users to easily apply game settings and adjust performance settings, and according to their computing experience, application of various functions and configurations.

2) 12 new or enhanced features: a series of new features and enhancements to ensure users enjoy the best experience in gaming, video and office applications.

3) Higher performance and power efficiency: Compared with the AMD Catalyst drivers, Radeon software Crimson version of the game loading speed increase of up to 33%, the game performance by up to 20%, the ability to enhance the power efficiency of up to 1.8 times, system performance per watt up to 23%.

4) For the first time publicly supporting AMD LiquidVRTM technology: GCN asynchronous computation engine to help boost the number of frames per second (FPS), virtual reality application response speed, lower latency, bring a very smooth gaming experience for all of GCN hardware.

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