Last rumors indicate that AMD will announce several RX VEGA graphics cards based on the VEGA XTX, VEGA XT and VEGA XL silicon on July 31, at SIGGRAPH 2017.

Details on AMD Radeon RX VEGA XTX, VEGA XT and VEGA XL

AMD Radeon RX VEGA Series
Stream Processors Memory TBP ASIC Comments
AMD Radeon RX VEGA XTX 4096 8GB HBM2 375W 300W AIO Cooler
AMD Radeon RX VEGA XT 4096 8GB HBM2 285W 220W Air Cooler
AMD Radeon RX VEGA XL 3584 ?GB HBM2 285W 220W Air Cooler, AIB exclusive


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In essence, the VEGA XTX and VEGA XT silicons are the same, as both will offer 4096 Stream Processors, but at different frequencies, that is why the VEGA XTX silicon will reach a consumption of 375W. Due to this, the GPU core will only be sold linked to a water cooling system, while the VEGA XT will stay in a more comfortable 285W cooled by air cooling.

Both GPUs will come with 8 GB of HBM2 memory, looking for the GPU to offer a more attractive price compared to the addition of 16GB HBM2, because today 8 GB with a high bandwidth is more than enough for any game at 4k resolution. At this point, it remains unclear if 16GB the variant is still planned.

The AMD Radeon RX VEGA XL silicon settles for offering 3584 Stream Processors with power consumption of 285W and graphics cards based on this GPU core will also come with air cooling system from, though some AIB partners of AMD would throw water cooled versions too. Currently we don’t know the amount of HBM2 memory this GPU core will offer.

Source: 3DCenter

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