Well the AMD Capsaicin & Cream event has been finished and it was a disappointment for many, because after showing the official logo and displaying the name of Radeon RX VEGA, Raja Koduri summarized everything by showing his shirt with Radeon RX VEGA logo and close the event.

AMD RX VEGA series GPUs will replace AMD R9 Fury lineup

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Now it seems to me that we will see more details on hardware at E3 2017. At today’s event AMD has shown several titles oriented to the Virtual Reality, at least several details were shown around the graphic architecture of AMD VEGA, which defines as something more than a simple GPU. AMD also revealed that Ryzen 7 series processors were best-selling processors in the market last week.

Another important detail is that AMD VEGA will be available to millions of users on the day of its launch.

Event summary: AMD VEGA will give life to Radeon RX VEGA.

After this great summary, the company returned to show information regarding High-Bandwidth Cache Controller (HBCC) and Rapid Packet Math (RPM / in the minute 38:56 of the video), except that this time it is accompanied by a video that shows the improvements. For example, activating HBCC improves the average FPS by 50%  (36:25 minute). Both technologies are explained in the VEGA architecture article.