Officially, Multi-GPU configuration is a thing of the past because in terms of price performance ratio, it no longer compensates! also not to mention the lack of support in new game releases, but TweakTown decided to do some tests using AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT in Crossfire taking as an example four games with three different resolutions, and games strongly based on AMD technology were chosen, so they are hand-picked tests to show the best possible performance under the most ideal conditions.

In summary, the greatest performance gains were experienced at 4K resolution (evident), with a performance improvement starting at 57% with the Deus Ex Mankind Divided to 93% in Strange Brigade. At 2K resolution, the Deus Ex appears 5% slower, while the Sniper Elite 4 showcased performance improvement of up to 93%, while the Strange Brigde scales much worse with a performance improvement of the 66%.

Benchmarks 2x AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT in Crossfire

Game 1080p (FPS) 1440p (FPS) 2160p (FPS)
Sniper Elite 4 312 486 156% 232 448 193% 145 255 176%
Strange Brigade 327 433 132% 243 404 166% 144 278 193%
Rise of the Tomb Raider 238 277 116% 196 272 139% 113 204 181%
Deus Ex Mankind Divided 134 135 101% 124 118 95% 70 110 157%


The performance varies a lot depending on the game, so it would have been interesting if a couple of current games had been tested, but if they have not done so, it will be for something, and that is that these configurations today do not deserve it’s worth the extra cost for not having a performance that scales 1: 1, because two RX 6800XT would cost 1300 USD, although this card is nowhere to be found in stock and if they are, they are certainly not sold at this price.

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