AMD Polaris 10 fussed on Radeon RX 480 consists of 2304 stream processors, 32 ROPs and 144 TMUs, but it was rumored that this silicon, in its complete version (if available) would reach 2560 Stream Processors, a plus in terms of sufficient performance to match with GeForce GTX 1060 which could give life to a Radeon RX 480X or Radeon RX 490.

AMD Polaris 10 GPU Core has 2304 stream processors not 2560

Polaris 10 Block Diagram

PCGamesHardware sat down with Senior Product Manager for Polaris 10 for a talk where they asked that;

Is the P10 a 36-CU-part and no hidden additional CUs? To which they received a clear answer.

Evan Groenke: I can absolutely confirm with you right here, that Polaris 10 in its full configuration defined by the silicon is a 36 Compute Unit configuration there’s nothing else hidden on that product that end users might be looking forward to unlocking. This is the pinnacle, the latest and greatest of the Polaris 10 product.

In this way, we can now confirm that the next graphics card in advertising, the Radeon RX 490 will use the VEGA 10. So we can assume that the Radeon RX 480X could be based on the RX 480 with GDDR5X memory while the future Radeon RX 485 is a mere update of the RX 480 with a mature silicon that promise to provide increased performance without increasing power consumption, but to see a new graphics card of the RX 48X series we have to wait.

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