AMD Next-Generation Graphics card leaks are pretty much active these days, previously we have seen that Swedish online shop start pre-ordering AMD R9 380X.  But today’s leak is not about AMD R9 3xx series as the title suggests something interesting which is coming from SweClockers about AMD Radeon Rx 400 series, which is expected in 2016, will be codenamed Arctic Islands.

AMD Radeon Rx 400 series are AMDcodenamed Arctic Islands


This new series will join AMD 2016 platform Zen which is the successor of today’s Bulldozer and introduced by Processor Family Summit Ridge. News about Radeon Rx 400 series is coming as a shocker as still things are not clear about the Radeon Rx 300 series. Islands codenamed for AMD GCN and river names to APU is becoming a practice of AMD. Previously we had Southern Islands, Sea Islands and Volcanic Islands and now AMD R9 300 Series codenamed is Pirate Islands.

Still there is no news about the specifications that what AMD Rx 400 series codenamed Arctic Islands that what they will bring with it. Most probably we will see implementation of 16nm/14 process node as this will give AMD an edge of much more power efficient GPUs than current 28nm silicons. These may include  Fiji, Treasure Island and Bermuda, where the most expensive variant is expected to be first to use HBM, which is about 9x faster than current GDDR5.

AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN)

Years Series Codename
2012 -2013 Radeon HD 7000
Radeon HD 8000
Southern Islands
Sea Islands
2013 -2014 Radeon Rx 200 Volcanic Islands
2015 Radeon Rx 300 (?) Pirate Islands
2016 Radeon Rx 400 (?) Arctic Islands

Provided that the last name of the schedule keeps transforming Pirate Islands and the Arctic Islands to the Radeon Rx 300- and 400-series.