[Rumor] The premiere of the new AMD Radeon RX 300 Graphics cards is coming increasingly in larger steps. The question is, are you sure they will be completely based on new designs?

Rumor: Some of the AMD Radeon RX 300 Graphics Cards will be based on the older GPU

AMD R9 390X

On the web there are unofficial reports that, some of the new cards would be based on older GPUs Bonaire, Tonga and Hawaii. You could say that it will be a refreshed design from previous series – Bonaire system was used in the models of the Radeon HD 7790, R7 260 and R7 260X core Tonga appeared in the Radeon R9 285 and chart-topping Hawaii is also the Radeon R9 R9 290 and 290X. But we cannot exclude a higher clock speed here or completely new design blocks CU.

If you believe leaks, only a few cards will be equipped with completely new graphics processor. This refers to the core of Fiji, which is based on a new architecture GCN 1.3 and will work with the new HBM memories. There remains the question of the recently announced core Trinidad which is the successor of the Curacao Pro chip used in the R9 270 is the re-branded of Pitcairn GPU, which was emphasized on the Radeon HD 7870. AMD’s Radeon R9 270 and Radeon R9 270x offer two diverse Curacao chips, the Curacao Pro on the 270 and XT variants on the 270x however, there’s little distinction between these two chips since both offer a comparable center design of 1280 stream processors, 80 texture units and 32 ROPs. Indeed the memory configuration is also the same in both variants. There’s no denying that most of us are waiting just for these models with new GPU core and HBM.

Source: Sweclockers

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