Everything indicates that the chart-topping cards, AMD Radeon RX 300 will be equipped with a new HBM memory. Initially, however, its capacity will be limited to 4GB.

HBM technology (High Bandwidth Memory) is to offer a much higher bandwidth and lower power consumption with respect to the currently used GDDR5 memory, analysts believe that it would be 9x faster than current GDDR5 memory. New memory so far produced only concern Hynix – these are the bones of a capacity of 8 GB (1 GB) and 1024 bit bus and the timing are 1000 or 1250 MHz.

Now reports from Fudzilla are suggesting that AMD graphics card that will utilize Fiji, the Radeon R9 380X or R9 390X depending on the source, initially will be limited to a capacity of 4096 bits (with a capacity of 512 or 640 GB / s).. This is said to be a direct consistently that AMD does not allow more than four memory chips next to the graphics processor.

Connecting structure of GPU and HBM Memory
Connecting structure of GPU and HBM Memory

It should however be borne in mind that the HBM technology is just beginning development for some time and we should expect the development of the structures with a capacity of 16 GB (2 GB), and then the graphics card can have up to 8 GB of available video memory.

GDDR5 memory chips on the PCB R9 290X

When should we expect the launch of new Radeon graphics cards? AMD claims that they have already completed its work, but still did not provide any specific information. Unofficial sources indicate that the AMD Radeon RX 300 series Graphics Cards would make their debut in the second and third quarters – can therefore suspect that their presentation will take place in early June at Computex 2015.

Source: Sweclockers, TechPowerUp (photo)

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