AMD is about to launch its latest graphics card Radeon R9 Nano tomorrow, 27 August. Many of us were thinking about the official specs of this little beast but the wait is over. Final specifications of the R9 Nano are confirmed by Videocardz and the report says that The R9 Nano features 4096 Stream Processors.

The R9 Nano is the most powerful Mini-ITX GPU at the moment, based on Fiji GCN architecture. The little beast is clocked up to 1000 MHz, with 64 compute units and ROPs along with 256 Texture units. This is the second GPU from AMD powered by HBM having memory of 4GB and can deliver bandwidth up to 512 GB/s. Following are the complete specs.


AMD has really improved the TDP of Nano as compared with previous GPUs, including Fury X which was 275 W, while the TDP of upcoming R9 Nano is 175 W (100 W less than Fury X). It will require a single 8-pin connector. Note: The R9 Nano doesn’t comes with an external cooler like the R9 Fury X.

Its said that the AMD’s R9 Nano is all set to compete against NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 980, but the price of R9 Nano is not confirmed yet, therefore its bit early to say something at the moment. But it should be around $549 (guess). The GTX 980 is bigger than Nano if compared in terms of size. AMD also published the improvement seen from GDDR5 and the new HBM, it becomes clear that the HBM is most power efficient type of memory available in the market. Check it here:


AMD Radeon R9 290X and Fury Specifications:

Tech4Gamers AMD Radeon R9 Fury X2 AMD Radeon R9 Fury X AMD Radeon R9 Nano AMD Radeon R9 Fury AMD Radeon R9 290X
GPU Fiji XT x 2 Fiji XT Fiji Fiji Pro Hawaii XT
Stream Processors 8192 4096 4096 3584 2816
GCN Compute Units 128 64 64 56 44
Render Output Units 128 64 64 64 64
Texture Mapping Units 512 256 256 224 176
GPU Frequency TBA Up to 1050Mhz Up to 1000 MHz Up to 1000 MHz 1000Mhz
Memory 8GB HBM (4 GB Per Chip) 4GB HBM 4GB HBM 4GB HBM 4GB GDDR5
Memory Interface 4096-bit x 2 4096-bit 4096-bit 4096-bit 512-bit
Memory Frequency 500Mhz 500Mhz 500 MHz 500Mhz 1250Mhz
Effective Memory Speed 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps 5Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 1024 GB/s 512GB/s 512GB/s 512GB/s 320GB/s
Cooling Liquid Liquid, 120mm Radiator Air, Single Fan Air, Custom AIB Solutions Air, Single Blower Fan
Performance (SPFP) 17.2 TFLOPS 8.6 TFLOPS 8.19 TFLOPS 7.2 TFLOPS 5.6 TFLOPS
TDP TBA 275W 175W 275W 250W
Power Connectors 2x 8-Pin 2x 8-Pin 1x 8-Pin 2x 8-Pin 6+8 Pin
GFLOPS/Watt ~ 31.3 TBA 26.2 22.4
Launch Price TBA $649 TBA $549 $549
Launch Date Autumn 2015 24th June 2015 27th August 2015 10th July 2015 24th October 2013
AMD Radeon R9 Nano (3)AMD Radeon R9 Nano (2)AMD Radeon R9 Nano (9)AMD Radeon R9 Nano (6)AMD Radeon R9 Nano (5)


Source: Videocardz


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