During VRLA Winter Expo, Roy Taylor, corporate vice president of AMD has shown a computer manufacturer “Tiki” in a prototype form that concealed a Radeon R9 Fury X2 into its compact chassis. Following the typical round of questions, someone asked to him that what would be the power of said graphics card, to which he answered “around 12 TFLOPS,” far from the 16 TFLOPS that were rumored. In view of this statement, it is expected that both silicon Fiji comes with a restrained not to depend on a power source of great power or avoid temperature problem frequencies.

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X2 has 12 TFlops of Single Precision Compute

Unfortunately, there is no official information, so, back to the rumors, the Radeon R9 Fury X2  would house two GPUs Fiji XT  with a total of 8192 Stream Processors, 512 TMUs and 128 ROPs @ 1000 MHz  in a single PCB together with 8 GB of HBM @ 500 MHz memory and memory interface of 1024 GB / s. All this together would add a TDP would be set in the 300-375W, since it is powered by two PCI-Express connectors 8 + 8 pins. The graphics card will be cooled by water and could reach a price around 1,400 US dollars.  Its release date is not known, but at least we will have to wait until April to see it for sale.

“Last time I was here I also promised you that we would make the world’s most powerful small computer for developers. We promised you we would take two of our highest end GPUs and put it inside that tiny box and if you go downstairs we actually have a demonstration of a dual GPU, 12 TeraFlops, fastest GPU solution in the world, inside of Tiki. It’s a feat of engineering we are delighted with.” – Roy Taylor, AMD Corporate Vice President of Alliances at VRLA Winter Expo

Via: Vr-zone

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