At the moment we know that AMD Radeon Fiji XT GPUs will not be a part of Radeon R9 300 series. And previous leaks suggest that Fiji XT GPU core featuring Graphics cards Codenamed ‘Fury’ series will be Watercooled. We additionally realize that AMD wants to discharge Graphics cards based on Fiji PRO also. In the event that the interior terminology AMD is utilizing at this moment makes it to the rshelves, then the GPU based on full GPU core would be called R9 Fury and the harvested / cut-down will be called R9 Fury. Both will have precisely 4GB of HBM memory. Both cards are powered by a 2x 8-pin connectors and TDP of R9 Fury X should not be less than 300Watts.


As already mentioned in the title of this article, the PCB will be really short. Its really only 19 cm long. The explanation behind this is really straightforward, the  power circuitry has been drawn nearer to the GPU die. Generally there is a layer of GDDR5 memory in the middle of, something that is totally removed in the Radeon R9 Fury X. Notwithstanding, we remind you that HBM is alot more compact than GDDR5 in terms of size. Also in GPU there is no memory layer, the interposer compensates by being pretty damn huge. It quantifies 55mm by 55mm for a total area of 30.5cm^2. The Fiji die on itself is taking the space of around 480-540mm^2.

AMD will release its the next generation Radeon on June 16 in the PC Gaming Show to be held at the Belasco Theatre located in Los Angeles. Among the participants mentioned Arenanet, Blizzard, Bohemia, CCP Games, Cloud Imperium, Creative Assembly, Paradox and Square Enix. AMD exclusively collects game developers suggestions and that gravity does not end up on the technical details of the hardware, but also some opportunities for the optimization of games.


AMD Radeon Fury and Fury X Alleged  Specifications

AMD Radeon Fury X
AMD Radeon Fury
AMD Radeon R9 390X
AMD Radeon R9 290X
GPU Code NameFiji XTFiji PROHawaii XTHawaii XT
GPU Cores / Shaders4096TBD28162816
4GB Stacked HBM4GB Stacked HBM8GB GDDR54GB GDDR5
Memory  Frequency1.0Ghz1.0Ghz6.0Ghz5.0Ghz
Memory Interface4096 Wide IO4096 Wide IO512bit GDDR5512bit GDDR5
Total Memory Bandwidth512GB/S512GB/S384GB/S320GB/S
GPU  Clock Speed1.05GhzTBD1.05Ghz1Ghz
Compute Performance8.5TFLOPS*TBD5.9TFLOPS*5.6TFLOPS
Launch Price$749$599$499$549

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