Today we have the alleged technical specifications of the AMD Radeon R9 470X, the GPU would be based on Polaris 11 manufactured @14nm FinFET and settle of 1280 Stream processors with 80 TMUs and 40 ROPs at a frequency that could be around 1,000 MHz. The silicon would be linked to 4GB of GDDR5 @ 7000 MHz memory with a memory interface of 128 bits which together offer a bandwidth of 112 GB / s  resulting in an output of 2.56 TFLOPs, good enough for many games under 1080p resolution, but not enough to enter into the world of Virtual Reality (3.5 TFLOPs minimum).

AMD Radeon R9 470X: 60W TDP and a price of 150 Euros  


Regarding the power consumption of the AMD Radeon R9 470X, 14nm lithography is clearly noticeable, because a 60W TDP is indicating that it does not require a PCI-Express connector to run (except custom variants). Due to the use of Graphics Core Next 4.0  (GCN 4.0) architecture and new technologies implemented, it is expected that it will perform between the Radeon R9 380 and Radeon R9 380X, both graphics cards with a TDP of 190W, so the difference is notorious (90W from Tonga to 60W of Polaris 11 “Baffin”). It is expected that AMD will unveil more details about their Polaris based GPUs at Computex. Expected price of  AMD Radeon R9 470X is 150 euros.

Apparently AMD has focused strongly on energy efficiency in its new generation of Polaris graphics cards manufactured @14nm FinFET, the Sunnyvale seeks to offer attractive products in the mid-range.

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