One source at Benchlife confirms that two Polaris 10 and 11 based GPUs from new Radeon R9 400 series, R9 470 and R9 480 are planned for release at the Computex event which will be running from May 31 till June 4th.

AMD Radeon R9 470 and R9 480 Rumored for Released at Computex

AMD Polaris -980x551

The report, published by Benchlife states that R9 470 based on Polaris 11 code-named as Baffin comes with a TDP of 50W. Meanwhile, Polaris 10 based code-named as Ellesmere, the Radeon R9 480 has that of more than 110W, allegedly between 110w to 135W.

The counterpart comes at the point where report says that according to the above mentioned temps, it appears that both the graphics cards are not the part of high-end GPU line up. It was said that Polaris 10 based graphics cards, mainly R9 480 and R9 490 would the high-end GPUs.

In the meanwhile, report published by Videocardz confirms some specifications of Polaris 10 based graphics card, running at 800 MHz, while some models were reportedly clocked at 1050 MHz. Have a look at the reported specs of Polaris 10 below;

  • 14nm FinFET, GlobalFoundries
  • Diffused in USA (New York state)
  • Assembled in Taiwan
  • 2304 Cores (silicon: 2560)
  • 36 Enabled Core Clusters (silicon: 40)
  • New GPU Architecture (not GCN “1.5”)
  • 256-bit Memory Controller
  • 8GB GDDR5/GDDR5X (when available)
Alleged AMD Polaris 10 GPU
Alleged AMD Polaris 10 GPU

Source: Videocardz

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