Leaks about AMD next-Generation Graphics cards are pretty much active from the past two months, but still we have not heard the words from officials about it. Three day’s ago we have seen the first leak of new Graphic card which would be AMD R9 370, this information was leaked by foreign media Vrzone, it will feature the Trinidad GPU Core based on the existing 28nm process node. Trinidad which is also the name of Island like others AMD GPU cores name. Trinidad core is the successor of Curraco Pro. The Curacao Pro chip which is used in the R9 270 is the rebranded of the Pitcairn GPU (emphasized on the Radeon HD 7870). The new GPU will most probably based on GCN architecture 1.2 (Curacao Pro with R9 270 is based on the GCN 1.0). Today we have found some benchmark of a mysterious GPU from AMD mid-tier I’m sure that these benchmarks are of upcoming AMD R9 370 but source which is the GFXBench mentioned an “R9 xxx GPU”.

AMD R9 xxx GPU, now there are two possibilities first it would be the Radeon 360 or second Radeon 370, from past two days leaked information about R9 370 is in the air so more thoughts are coming towards the AMD R9 370 camp. Benchmark Courtesy: GFXBench.com.

AMD Radeon R9 3xx Benchmarks Leak Out – Most Probably R9 370, featuring Trinidad GPU

AMD R9 370 Graphics Card Benchmarks

AMD R9 370 Graphics Card Benchmarks

In these benchmarks there is no other competitor in the race, so guessing would not be easier. At the start there are two tests mentioned, namely Manhattan, which is an OpenGL ES 3.0 test and T-Rex an OpenGL ES 2.0 test. In the OpenGL ES 3.0 the scores are pretty much interesting as R9 370 totally kick the R9 270 from the race, but with the OpenGL ES 2.0 scores it is slightly behind.

Same like NVIDIA GeFore GTX 960 and GTX 760, if we judge on the basis of  benchmark R9 370 is not beating the predecessor with a huge score.  The upper benchmarks would be from the pilot testing phase the actual performance would be better than this. Unofficially we know that the new Radeon (AMD Radeon R9 370?) will make its debut in March. Price of card is a mystery, but we can expect here about 150 – $200 – roughly the same cost of Radeon R9 270.

Source: WccfTech, GFXbench

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