AMD’s Radeon Rx 200 series good ruling days in the market coming to an end, the next generation will be Rx 300 series, the official had explicitly mentioned the Rx 300 series in the final stages, but time to market is unknown. From the previous leaked of AMD Radeon R9 370 the cards would allegedly make debut on the market in April. Now is the time to sort out under AMD’s Rx 300 series graphics card model and in addition to the single-core R9 390X / 385X / 380/370 there will be also an AMD Dual-Core Graphics Card features 8Gb memory namely AMD Radeon R9 395X2 the suggested price is $ 1,499.

AMD Radeon R9 395X2: Dual-Core Graphics Card: Allegedly coming in Q4 of this Year

ASUS Radeon R9-295X2
ASUS Radeon R9-295X2

Although, the company AMD reluctant to talk about the next generation of graphics cards. However, One of AMD fan is concerned about recent problems of GeForce GTX 970, asked on Facebook that when we can expect the release of the Radeon R9 380X or 390X before the release GTA V PC (remember that it has to appear on March 24 2015). Otherwise, he will have to choose the GeForce GTX 980 competitive (there’s nothing like a good blackmail;-)). AMD answered that for now they will not disclose the exact release date of cards, but work on them have been completed.

AMD’s top tier Dual GPU R9 395X2, will pack with two Fiji X2 chip, 8192 stream processors, 8192bit bit wide 8GB memory based on GCN 1.3 architecture. The card is expected to release this year’s Q4 quarter prices are likely to remain at R9 295X2 level.  The most astonishing phenomenon here is that it will be world’s first GPU to pack over 8000 bits, yes you read it right, 8192 bits HBM memory. Moving towards R9 390X and R9 390, both the R9 300 ‘s flagship single GPUs will possess 4096/ 4096 bits HBM and 3520 cores/ 4096 bits HBM respectively. As per few early benchmarks R9 390X is supposed to be around 50% faster than R9 290X.

AMD R9 390 series will have two castrated version of –R9 390 and R9 385X, respectively, using Fiji Pro and Fiji CE core (probably), the stream processor units are 3840-3328, memory interface aspect R9 390 to maintain 4096bit and R9 285X cut to 2048bit bits wide, the capacity is reduced to 2GB, release time is unknown.

R9 380 Series uses the core code Grenada, it is actually the core of Hawaii “rebranded”. The R9 380X is featuring 2816 stream processors, 4GB GDDDR5 memory, R9 380 would have 2560 stream processors, 4GB memory.

The R9 370X will bear 2048 cores 3GB GDDR5 memory over 384 bit bus width. On the other hand the R9 370 is also a re-branded variant of recently announced R9 285, according to benchmarks the GTX 960 clearly smokes off the R9 370. Furthermore the two Ti versions of the GTX 960 are yet to come to compete with R9 370X and R9 380.

Trinidad is the fastest to the core of the R9 360 series, they are also based on GCN 1.3 architecture, but the core size is unknown, maintain memory interface 256bit, memory capacity is 2GB and will be released in Q1 quarter of this year.

Stay tuned, we will bring you all fresh of this soon.

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