AMD to come with new High-end Graphics card this year is seems impossible, but they have lots of plans for the upcoming year. In 2015 they are interested to deliver the Bermuda / Pirate Island, which would be fused in the AMD Radeon R9 390 series.

AMD Radeon R9 390X should be a future Bad boy from AMD side to compete with NVIDIA Maxwell GM200 Graphics cards. At first sight one thing is beneficial for the AMD that, Bermuda will not use TSMC’s 28nm process. Bermuda will use 20nm process technology, which would also take a place for hybrid cooling. For now AMD R9 295X2 is equipped with hybrid cooling solution.

AMD Radeon R9 390X will Allegedly be More Powerful Than the GTX 980

AMD R9 390X

According to the several rumors it is stated that, the new AMD flagship R9 390X will feature the ‘Bermuda XTX’ core and feature a staggeringly high number of SPs, ie. 4224. The Texture Unit count is 264 with 96 ROPs as well as be able to boast a 512-bit bus.

Also, it will be the AMD first decision for Bermuda to use a multilayer memory HBM 3D. Although some experts believe that, HBM 3D Stacked Memory is up to 9X Faster Than GDDR5. “Three-dimensional HBM memory can be another advantage over Nvidia. HBM will allegedly make its way to AMD’s next generation of Pirate Islands GPUs starting early next year. With the introduction of the R9 380X powered by the Fiji GPU core and competing against the GTX 980. Also the R9 390X flagship powered by the Bermuda GPU which will be competing against the Titan 2 / GTX 980 Ti.

AMD plans show that AMD Radeon R9 390 series will be happen between February to June of 2015.

The exact specifications of AMD Radeon R9 390X, R9 380X and R9 380 are still not disclose but summarizing the rumors specifications of these Bad boys it should be like following:

AMD Radeon R9 390x –  4224 Stream processors, 264  TMU and 96  ROP units, 512-bit bus

AMD Radeon R9 380x – 3072 Stream processors, 192 TMU and 72 ROP units, 384-bit bus

AMD Radeon R9 380 – 1536 Stream processor, 96 TMU and 48 ROP units, a 256-bit bus

  • R6ex

    Meanwhile, the GTX 970 & 980 are selling like hotcakes.

    • If we see the current market, they are best cards in terms of Value for Money.

  • guest

    While I’m glad they exist for competitions sake,…. lol.

  • John

    but does it have any of nvidias exclusive features in games? nope. and thats why i regret buying amd…

    • Every one has its own taste 🙂
      AMD Mantle is also good, just imagine 100FPS in Battlefield 4 with your R9 280x.

    • Sam al

      I will never endorse a company that creates proprietary technology that only runs on their product. It is a shameful business practice. AMD’s tech has been open source, and this is why I like them.

      • John

        “I will never endorse a company that creates proprietary technology that only runs on their product.”

        Yet I bet you fucking run windows and steam and probably apple and other proprietary shit you stupid ignorant fuck.

        • Sam al

          yes I do use windows and steam…but not apple. Those are unfortunately monopolized softwares. Even then…I do not feel the need to insult people on the internet because I can get away with it.

          • John

            hahahhaa i just noticed you have a che avatar. you must be 13 or a brainwashed socialist. fucking idiot. go look up the horrible things he did and not just what some fucking propaganda movie told you only happened. you make me fucking sick.

          • Sam al

            1) Nice going on changing the subject. 2) I am very aware of what Che Guevara did.

  • Dan J. Chiccino

    This card is gonna be SOOOOOO beast!!! Gonna get one with my tax refund for sure!!!

  • Alice Bernard

    it is likely that the next generation of 20nm gpu is available in Fiji in 2015, but for the moment, the 380x R9 will happen at the end of 2014 is expected to be 28nm and probably end up at the height of the GTX 980

  • NickBRCM

    And NVIDIA launches the 980 Ti and be the king again.
    Old story:
    NVIDIA launches GTX 770 and 780 (The king)
    AMD launches R9 280,280X,290,290X (Now AMD launches the real king)
    NVIDIA launches GTX 780 Ti (again,the new king of single gpus)

    NVIDIA launches GTX 970 and 980 (best single card on the market)
    AMD launches R9 380,380X,390,390X (best new single card)
    NVIDIA laucnhes GTX 980 Ti (the king again)