Alright people, get ready to look at the first teaser pictures highlighting a Fiji XT featuring water-cooled GPU from AMD. Presently I’ve picked those words deliberately. This is without a doubt the Fiji powered “ultra enthusiast” leader Radeon that AMD teased at GDC 2015. The card that will probably be named and sold as the AMD Radeon R9 390X. Notwithstanding, we can’t affirm that correct terminology at this present time, however, we’ll expect that is the thing that AMD will call it.

AMD Radeon R9 390X leaked picture– possess Fiji XT, HBM And bears Water Cooling


The card highlights AMD’s dark and silver shading scheme that is turned into the mark for the organization’s High-end water-cooled Radeon. As should be obvious out of sight the GPU is cooled by what has all the earmarks of being a 120mm water-cooling radiator. The Graphics card itself is really little, about a large portion of the length of the R9 295X2. Which is normal in most circumstances since AMD guaranteed smaller structure variables for its forthcoming HBM fueled lead at the Financial Analyst Day.

We’ve examined this before when we solely reported that AMD will make a water cooled variant of the Fiji board. Having the HBM DRAM bundled alongside the GPU kicks the bucket on an interposer cut altogether on the PCB range that would typically be expected to house GDDR5 memory chips. Moving towards the back of the card. We can see that there are three full estimated DisplayPorts and one full measured HDMI port with no DVI ports. Shockingly the card is still a double slot with ventilation openings at the back, despite the fact that it seems to highlight unadulterated water cooling, instead of Hybrid liquid and air cooling like the R9 295X2.

Fiji will be AMD’s up and coming leader GPU that is situated to power the Radeon R9 390 arrangement representation cards. AMD emphasized again today amid the Financial Analyst Day that the new representation cards will dispatch in Q2 2015 at “forthcoming occasions”, alluding to Computex and E3.


The GPU demonstrated in the photo is unmistakable AMD’s next generation Fiji XT chip which will be fueling the AMD Radeon R9 390X card and accompanies HBM memory on the interposer as indicated in the picture above. This spares much space from the PCB to accomplish outlines that weren’t conceivable with past era cards. Subsequently, we are taking a look at an absolutely new outline plan for the Radeon R9 390X graphics card. The second picture shows what appears to be the same card from an alternate position and it is enlightening red drove light. We can likewise see a slight segment of the tubing that will prompt the principle radiator to cool of the card.

For today I am throwing too much words on HBM, but last from my side of this new candy is that, single channel DDR3 controllers normally have 32bit wide I/O. Leading to 8GB/s bandwidth. But that number is still eclipsed by the 128 GB/s figure for first generation HBM.
The second generation (used by NVIDIA Pascal as rumors) promises to double the bandwidth by doubling the speed from 1Gbps to 2Gbps. While also quadrupling the memory capacity for 4-Hi stacks from 1GB to 4GB. HBM2 will be featured in AMD’s upcoming Arctic Islands graphics architecture with the “Greenland” flagship GPU.

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AMD is teasing Fiji?

AMD Radeon R9 390X Alleged Specifications:

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