We all know that Nvidia is going to launch it’s Second Generation Maxwell Architecture High-End Graphics Card named as Gtx 980 and Gtx 970, but AMD wants to take some of that thunder away with the rumors that the company is set to release its Radeon R9 390X GPU.

AMD Radeon R9 390X cooler leaked

AMD R9 390X
The news is coming from a Chinese forum, where Asteck (the company who recently made Water Cooler radiator for R9 295X2) is working on a Cooler of AMD’s new bad boy R9 390X. The new cooler will keep the VRM and memory under its fans, with AMD wants to keep its reference design cards to sound much quieter than previous GPUs.

According to the latest news that, the product could even be based on the upcoming “Pirate Islands” family of GPUs. The R9 285 is already part of that family with Tonga. So, is this “Fiji.” ? Well, take a look at previous Rumored Specifications of R9 390X.

AMD R9 390X

If all this news is true, then it’s good to see that vendors like MSI, Gigabyte, MSI, e.t.c who come with Custom GPU Cooler have to implement this water Cooler Design in their Graphics Cards. Then again this could mean that aftermarket models could be cheaper than reference as their coolers may be cheaper to use than an AIO water cooler.

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