It seems like AMD has pulled their socks after the huge breakup of revenue as from past week their Next-Generations Graphics card leaks come on the daily basis. The latest news which is coming from the Bitsandchips is looking really interesting. Previously Zauba shipping database website also revealed that AMD Radeon R9 380X will feature the Fiji XT core same words have been leaked but with more detailed. According to the source the Fiji XT die will boast a size of 550mm². They also revealed that AMD will release AMD R9 380X in June before the Computex2015.

Fiji XT Core Die Size of  550mm2, GCN 1.2 and HBM – Alleges Italian Report

AMD R9 390X

If this news hit the right mark, then it will be the biggest die size of the Radeon camp. In comparative analysis give us the clue that NVIDIA’s Maxwell GM200 die would be over 600mm² large, but it is to feed a High-end market of professional Graphics cards or some of GeForce series. But when you remember one thing in mind AMD Radeon High-end series in not ending at R9 380X there is also R9 390X then die Fiji XT die size of 550mm² is pretty huge die you can also compare it with Hawaii which is of 438mm². But still they can’t run from the old 28nm process node as die size must be based on area of +600mm² in order to enjoy the new process node. If AMD Radeon R9 380X would feature Fiji XT then AMD has to come with something new for their High-end R9 390X. But I believe that Fiji XT would entertain the R9 390X and for AMD Radeon R9 380X/380 would be based on Bermuda XT.

The source also wrote some words on the long awaited HBM memory which will be around 9X faster than current GDDR5. After the confirmation of AMD employee we know that HBM is also on the track. But there are two possibilities of its implementation first is to completely remove the GDDR5 from the race and second is to acting as a buffer. Now it’s all on AMD that how they use it. Like Tonga the new architecture would also shift on GCN 1.2 for the better.

The GPU is thought to have a 300w TDP. As you most likely know, AMD will be utilizing a mixture of Hybrid cooler in order to cool this beast. It is relied upon to touch base in June 2015, right away before Computex, Taipei.