AMD Radeon R9 295X2 is destined to go down in history of a graphics card: the power consumption for the first time reached 500W, the public version of the card for the first time water cooling. From the evaluation results, this water-cooled design really bad, loaded with the maximum temperature was 71 ℃, the noise is only 50 db .

AMD Radeon R9 295X2: Germany Aqua Computer announces R9 295X2 water block

Now Germany Aqua Computer announced a new R9 295X2 designed specifically for water-Block the complete coverage of the mammoth PCB, GPU chips, memory particles, power supply circuits and components, PCI-E bridge chip to take care of all.

The waterblock manufactured in Germany, each of which consumes 2.72 kg of high purity electrolytic copper, stainless steel frame, as supplemented by the protection process, the top is covered with a red Plexiglas enclosure, also specifically in GPU cooling block, above the sink open transparent “skylight.”

Water Block for AMD Radeon R9 295X2
Water Block for AMD Radeon R9 295X2

Each GPU is covered with 0.5 mm mini-grid structure, parallel coolant flow through the two parts, the temperature can drop even lower. Section at the bottom of the contact with the GPU to do a highly polished, and the corresponding local memory particles coated high quality grease, rather than a simple cooling pad.

Water-cooled pipe interface specification is a standard G1/4 “, but also to set up an optional dual-card interconnect adapter Quad Crossfire.

Additionally, near the sink carved a pair of tiny Hawaiian map, corresponding to the GPU core code, plus a separate tail is a small piece of stainless steel sheet, the top card of the code that says “Vesuvius” (Vesuvius), icon next to a volcano.

The waterblock is now on sale, priced at 169.9 euros, while there is an enhanced version of nickel, 184.9 euros. May also introduce an auxiliary supporting backplane, but the price is determined.

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