As all the current card uses GDDR5 memory, AMD’s Fury X card packs next Gen HBM memory featuring 512GB / s of bandwidth, far higher than other graphics cards 320-388GB / s level, and also better in terms of TDP in contrast with old Gen. At the moment the actual HBM memory  on Fury X is running at 500MHz. A lot of people are thinking about Overclocking it, but AMD have locked memory clock on Fury X. However a few found a way to unlock and overclock it. The result yields 20% boost in performance and it can go even much higher thanks to liquid hybrid cooling.

AMD Radeon Fury X gains 20% boost in performance after Overclocking


AMD Radeon Fury X Graphics cards have advantages at 4K Resolution, which is more obvious, mainly due to High Bandwidth Memory, so many people are still trying to figure out HBM memory frequency higher or lower than these will have any effect Fury X performance. AMD just do not want to let everyone Overclocking HBM, so CCC control center HBM frequency is not adjustable.

Recently, Ocerclocker at test the GPU and found that HBM frequency is adjustable, they say it may be the AMD Catalyst driver of a loophole, they used the drive is 15.15, but do not know the exact date of compilation, Xiao Bian test date 15.15 0611 compiled HBM drive frequency is locked, not adjustable, but AMD is still the driving loophole helped a little.

So the Overclocker raise the bar or HBM memory from the default 500MHz frequency to more 100MHz, although the absolute magnitude is not high, but it was already 20%, the 95MHz core frequency increased to 1145MHz.

Overclocking results (click to enlarge)

After Overclocking, 3Dmark score of FireStrike lifted from the previous 14098 points to 16963 points, the performance increased by 20%. In this one, GPU core frequency increase by 9%, memory frequency increased by 20%. With the current use of GDDR5 video memory, if the frequency is 1500MHz or higher, memory Overclocking performance gains actually very limited, but Fury X video card Overclocking theoretically can only bring about a 10% upgrade.

Fiji also has a core group of MC memory controller, there are four groups outer HBM memory controller, but the official document describes for the HBM memory controller is not much, we are not sure whether the core Fiji also supports GDDR5 memory, if you switch to a 512bit GDDR5 memory, what will be the Fury X’s performance and what will be the difference in performance is actually very interesting.