At the moment we know that AMD Radeon Fiji XT GPUs will not be a part of Radeon R9 300 series. And previous leaks suggest that Fiji XT GPU core featuring Graphics cards Codenamed ‘Fury’ series will be Watercooled. We additionally realize that AMD wants to discharge Graphics cards based on Fiji PRO also. In the event that the interior terminology AMD is utilizing at this moment makes it to the shelves, then the GPU based on full GPU core would be called R9 Fury and the harvested / cut-down will be called R9 Fury. Both will have precisely 4GB of HBM memory. Both cards are powered by a 2x 8-pin connectors and TDP of R9 Fury X should not be less than 300Watts.

AMD Radeon Fury Allegedly features Three GPUs; Fury Nano, Fury XT and Fury Pro

AMD Radeon Fiji GPU

Now the current report expresses that AMD will be discharging three distinct classes of Fury – Nano, XT and PRO. In the event that the report is exact than the Fury Nano is most likely the water cooled Fiji GPU we have seen all over. We additionally realize that triple fan variants will be available at the launch function. It would appear that AMD is preparing for very much a launch at E3. The report likewise expresses that the Fiji lead will be exchanging bows with the GTX 980 Ti. The value purpose of $899 is specified once more. Infact, the same value point was said as of late by Hermitage Akihabara who have expressed that AMD is as yet pondering on re-adjusting it in view of the GTX 980 Ti’s performance and price levels.

On the off chance if AMD does not decrease the price of its top level Fury GPU could have that price tag while alternate models are estimated fundamentally lower. This pricing method, in the event that all things considered, to be genuine, will permit AMD to send market skimming and additionally undermining NVIDIA estimating in the meantime. The main issue with this method is Fiji’s impediment of 4GB Video memory contrasted with the 980 Ti 6GB of VRAM– it stays to be seen what influence this will have, on real performance.

To the extent what we can reason from the naming procedure, the term Nano potentially shows the super little 19cm footprint impression of the water cooled release of Fiji. The XT and PRO variations will likely be air cooled and the triple-fan air cooler we have heard such a great amount about presumably becomes possibly the most important factor here. We likewise realize that custom AIB variants of atleast one model are normal – the Fury PRO being the probably applicant for this situation. The reveal of the Fury Nano naming scheme, however – is worth talking about.

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