In only one week, we will see one of the greatest fights between the businesses beat of two Graphics card manufacturers. The contenders that incorporate the Radeon Fiji based Graphics card from AMD and GeForce GTX 980 Ti from NVIDIA will conflict with one another in the keep going battle on the 28nm process node. Simultaneously, we have seen NVIDIA tease their 980 Ti in front of its dispatch on 2nd June and AMD has now approached to uncover the first official video teaser of their upcoming Graphics card based on the AMD’s new Fiji Graphics Core.

AMD Radeon Fiji Based Graphics Card Showcased- Metallic Shroud and Short in Length


The card seems to be short in length as expected and the radiator pipes go in from the back of the card which is a new implementation for AIO cooling on the cards.


So what’s in the teaser video? The Video has an extremely short length of 7 seconds. Amid the few moments, we see the Radeon Fiji based design card from the side and we can likewise see one of the front section in the base left corner alongside two Radeon logos carved on the cover. We can’t generally make out much from the teaser video, however to be completely forthright, the card is shocking and is a stage forward from the conventional heatsink covers we have seen on the reference cards. While I for one respect the Titan based NVTTM and R9 295X2 “Hydra” coolers to be one of the most attractive reference plans for reference design, the Radeon Fiji card will most certainly top my rundown in that respect.

You might likewise be asking why I am calling the Radeon Fiji Based Graphics Card? The reason is just in light of the fact that the card is reputed to be not utilizing the 300 series marking and has a Titan-like naming plan which speaks to its devotee situating in the business sector. The name of the card is not known right now henceforth we will be calling it Radeon Fiji until a legitimate name is affirmed either by our sources first or by AMD formally. The Radeon Fiji Graphics card card has been teased a few times some time recently, we know it will be utilizing a water cool AIO outline as showed in the official renders by AMD and DICE’s Johan Andersson additionally posted the first real photo of the card a week ago.


The thing I like most about this card is the manner by which it utilizes a pure metal shroud like the GTX 690’s manganese composite surface which searched truly tough ass gangsta for a design card. The Radeon Fiji will be conflicting with the GeForce GTX 980 Ti that is propelling on 2nd June. Both cards will be the last leader fan offerings to highlight a 28nm manufacturing process based Graphics chip. The opposition is warm and we have livestreams rolling in from both red and green teams which can be accessed to underneath:



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