AMD R9 Nano although is a itsy-bitsy graphics card, but packs a monstrous package of computing inside. AMD claimed pack 2x the performance per watt and 2x the performance density of AMD’s previous flagship R9 290X. So here we are with just a 6 inch long mini itx GPU packing tremendous “compute power”. Some calculations by WCCF-Tech made it easier to understand the whole khichdi.

Calculations For Compute Performance:

Since we know that performance per watt is FP32/TDP, we can go ahead and extrapolate the power efficiency of the R9 290X.
R9 290X’s peak FP32 = 5.6 TFLOPs, in other words, 5600 GFLOPs, and its TDP is 250W.
Perf/W = 5600 GFLOPs/250W = 22.4 GFLOPs/W

We also know that the R9 Nano has 2X the perf/watt of the R9 290X.
Which means it’s 2X (5.6TFLOP/250W)
= 2X 22.4 GFLOPs/W
= 44.8 GFLOPs/W.
Thus the perf/watt rating of the R9 Nano is 44.8GFLOPs/W.

Incidentally, we also have the TDP for the Nano, and that’s the last missing piece in the puzzle.

R9 Nano
Perf/watt = FP32 in GFLOPs (unknown) / TDP (175)
44.8 = FP32 (unknown) / 175
44.8 x 175 = FP32 (unknown)
44.8 x 175 = 7840 GFLOPs or 7.84 TFLOPs.

So we can conclude from above data that this tiny R9 Nano actually packs around 7.84 TFLOPs while the previous gen R9 290X do just 5.6 TFLOPs and. Even the mighty Titan X offers around 7 TFLOPs (SP) and 0.2 TFLOPs (DP), as Maxwell architecture is extremely poor in Double precision FP or FP64 when compared with Kepler. From the previous gen GTX 780Ti and Titan Black yields around 5.1 TFLOPs (SP).

So that all folks here it is a 6 inch mini itx GPU with rated TDP of 175 W and yields 7.84 TFLOPs of compute power which is amazing. Yes GTX 970 mini itx are there with better TDP and even smaller form factor, but the compute performance of a GTX 970 is almost half which AMD’s nano flagship R9 Nano offers.

Gaming Performance:

Now the gaming performance. R9 Nano is a very good for computing but how well does it stack in gaming performance? Well as per a very accurate guess by a friend from Game-Debate team says the performance is on par with GTX 980. It’s still a guess so take it with a little peanut better. But I am pretty sure that it will be head to head with GTX 980 in gaming. In 4K performance it may appear slightly better. Yet we have to wait for real world performance.


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