As per new reports, it has been confirmed by the AMD that the latest graphics cards featuring AMD Fury chipset are currently left without bulky supply due to high market demand of AMD R9 Fury X.

The company’s CEO Dr Lisa Su said in her recent statment that since the launch of R9 Fury X, the gpu was mostly noticed out of stock, which is cenrtainly good for the company.

“Our initial ramp-up has been as expected, we’re pleased with the Fury X ramp-up. Certainly the fact that it’s out of stock is not a bad thing cause it gives us good confidence that the customers are appreciating the product. Fury just launched actually this week and we will be launching Nano in the August timeframe. I think overall the High Bandwidth Memory ramp-up is going as expected and we have a number of products coming out.” – Dr Lisa Su, AMD President and CEO.

The R9 Fury X is a FIJI based gpu, world’s first graphics card to feature High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) technology, capable of alloting bandwidth above 600Gb/s. This graphics card can deliver gaming experience at 4K and also suited more for the upcoming VR headsets. The Fury X is a water cooled gpu mainly built to deliver more performance with lower temprature, with a price tag of $649.

There is also an air cooled gpu version of FIJI based gpu featuring HBM named as R9 Fury having same specs with a price tag of $549.

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