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AMD R9 390X Water Cooled Edition from the alleged Slide: 4096 units, 8GB HBM memory


AMD’s next-generation flagship R9 390X rumored specifications are very powerful, but those sources are equipped with too much gossip, so we truly cannot draw a conclusion for AMD R9 390X. Now we have a solid PPT slide of the specifications of R9 390X AMD graphics card, which confirmed the existence of R9 390X with hybrid water-cooling. The new top-tier bad boy from AMD would equip with 4096 stream processor units, 8GB HBM memory and full support for DX12 – Tier 3 implementation.

AMD R9 390X Water Cooled Edition is making its way to COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015


This information has been exposed by the AIB partners of AMD in the preview sessions of R9 390X cards, but the slide was exposed by Videocardz website, from which we can glance on the R9 390X water-cooled version specific characteristics, the main contents are as follows:

  •  R9 390X is using a new generation of GCN Architecture, up to 4096 stream processors.
  • Full support for DirectX 12_Tier 3 implementation.
  • Optimized for 4K and higher resolution.
  • The first GPU design of virtual reality VR GPU. (Before AMD shortly released the Lucid VR virtual reality technology specification)
  • Designed for enthusiasts.
  • Up to 8GB HBM high bandwidth memory.
  • Support for H.265 hardware decoding, H.264 encoding speed is four times if we compare it with previous generations.
  • Enhanced version ZeroCore saving features.

Since AMD’s official introduction of view, R9 390X would use the water-cooled design, 4096 is consistent with the number of stream processor units before the rumors, but the architecture is not yet clear, AMD GCN called after the next, but it is R9 390X hard to say how many architectural improvements have been added compared with the current GCN.

Other aspects, the official confirmed the 8GB HBM memory, which is higher than the current memory capacity of R9 290X and GTX 980 or we can say doubled, and ultra-high memory bandwidth HBM established prior to analysis if, then 8GB HBM memory bandwidth of up to 1024GB / s, far more than the current card. HBM is almost 9x times faster than current GDDR5.

Also improved video capabilities, support for H.265 hardware decoding, while H.264 encoding speed dramatically.

The last one is the energy-saving improvements, improved ZeroCore standby function. Previously foregin media have leaked the alleged benchmarks of the GTX 980Ti, GTX 960Ti and R9 390X and R9 390X was performing better than NVIDIA Geforce Titan X. While the R9 290x uses 292w running Metro: Last Light at 2560 × 1600, the new R9 390X consumes 289w.