The site Chiphell has leaked new benchmark results of the promising AMD R9 390X featuring Fiji XT GPU Core, will be released on June 24, one week after the completion of E3 2015.

As we can see below, the AMD R9 390X is easily beating 12GB GTX Titan X monster from the NVIDIA camp in all races, both in 1600p and 4k resolution and synthetic benchmark (3D Mark Strike Extreme).



The only downside of the new GPU from AMD is the consumer that is virtually consuming same the power as an R9 290x, although that matter a source (PSU) of 520W is sufficient. Anyway, it was already known for a while now so it’s not the big news.

The Fiji XT GPUs with HBM (memory) will be launching later – around the 24th of July. The lead item will most presumably get its own particular dispatch occasion separate from E3. The new Fiji XT GPU will arrive in a Water Cooling variant and could dispatch with 4GB of HBM1 as per most recent reports. It could include the redesigned GCN 1.3 architecture with a Cuda Cores of 4096. The HBM will be set utilizing an interposer for a 2.5D stack. The data transmission of the GPU will be 640GB/s generally two times of the Radeon R9 290X.

Although the R9 390X seems to be the big bet of AMD, NVIDIA is preparing to launch the GTX 980Ti, which theoretically will have a 10% return on Titan X, and the R9 390X. The battle of the titans is about to begin.