[Rumor] AMD will launch the new Fiji XT adapter at $ 799, which is not exactly the price tag which AMD planned at first. The red team will launch its new Fiji Xt based flagship GPU at an estimated price of $849, $150 less than the Titan X, 250-300 more than the GTX 980, and perhaps 150 more than the new GTX 980Ti, even though NVIDIA still has not confirmed the price, but it is likely that the price of GTX 980TI will not exceed the $700.

This certainly changes the landscape for fans of AMD or other target buyers, excited by the great return of AMD. While R9 390X slightly exceeds the Titan X in terms of performance and by a significant margin by GTX 980Ti harvested GM200 cut version, it is likely that the $150 additional dollars more than 980Ti will make the R9 390X performance not so attractive.

AMD was preparing for his triumphant return on June 24, NVIDIA intends to continue crushing the competition and announce its GTX 980Ti shortly thereafter. Nothing models R9 390X will feature 4GB of video memory  and equipped with High Bandwidth Memory which is confirmed by AMD. AMD R9 390X 8GB models will arrive next month after first variant launch.

In short, not that the price of R9 390X is unreasonable, but it definitely was not what AMD users were waiting. After all, AMD competes with price and performance, and the latter is not as tempting as expected.