All the air in the GPU industry is full of AMD’s upcoming R9 300 series rumors, gossips and stories, it is almost in the final phase before release. Even R9 380X is available for pre-ordering. Here we have a bit more salt to it. As per few reports the upcoming R9 300 Series will pack some monstrous beefy specifications.

AMD R9 300 Series Seems To Be A Surprise:

Starting with the top tier Dual GPU i.e. R9 395X2, will pack 8192 cores based on GCN 1.3 architecture, the most astonishing phenomenon here is that it will be world’s first GPU to pack over 8000 bits, yes you read it right, 8192 bits HBM memory. Moving towards R9 390X and R9 390, both the R9 300 ‘s flagship single GPUs will possess 4096/ 4096 bits HBM and 3520 cores/ 4096 bits HBM respectively. As per few early benchmarks R9 390X is supposed to be around 50% faster than R9 290X.

R9 380 and 380X are supposedly to be on par with current R9 290X you can simply refer that R9 380X is basically a renamed R9 290X nothing more no HBM memory here, on the other hand R9 390 is revised R9 290 same specs same performance but with better cooling.

The R9 370X will bear 2048 cores 3GB GDDR5 memory over 384 bit bus width. On the other hand the R9 370 is also a re-branded variant of recently announced R9 285, according to benchmarks the GTX 960 clearly smokes off the R9 370. Further more the two Ti versions of GTX 960 are yet to come to compete with R9 370X and R9 380.

The lower end GPUs of R9 300 Series their specs are currently unspecified. We will update you once we get our eye on them. But all these tales still the TDP is just too high the top end R9 390X will possess a rated TDP of 300 Watts while the lower portion of series i.e. R9 380X and 380 are rebranded GPUs with 290 Watts TDP, for sure they will produce heat as we have seen R9 290X (reference) going above 90C, may be liquid coolers which means more TDP.

Now about the pricing a shipping batch of India revealed that R9 390X will be valued at Rs. 75,267 INR roughly $1210 too much huh?

R9 300


Nvidia is currently silent may be a silence before storm, who knows. GTX 980Ti and GTX Titan II ready GM 200 coming, for sure super less TDP you can say almost half compared to their contenders but can they stay steady to fight edge to edge?

Stay tuned we will bring you all fresh of this soon.

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