The Dual-Core bomb war is going on between AMD and Nvidia. NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z specifications are extremely sturdy, but managed to control the power consumption of 375, which is the ultimate dual eight-pin auxiliary power supply. So what about AMD Radeon R9 295X2?

According to current news, AMD also uses two complete top GPU core, stream processors and therefore will reach 5632, but the core frequency will be quite high, reportedly shocked over 1GHz, equipped with a complete 2 × 512-bit bit Wide 8GB GDDR5 large capacity memory.

Indeed the bomb!! AMD R9 295X2, power requirement up to 500W

Radeon R9 290X itself has no low-power, about 290W, dual-core fit more should not be underestimated, much less specific is it? Fudzilla gets lines reported, R9 295X2 human history could be a terrorist 500W power consumption to achieve a public version graphics.

The emphasis on the public version, because a year ago the second-generation Asus Ares card ARES II has soared to 500W, actual consumption is an astounding 568W, people continue Overclocking is crazy 735W.

Because of this, R9 295X2 will follow Asus, using a mixture of water-cooled, air-cooled + thermal design, as auxiliary power supply I believe will be three eight-pin, that limit the power supply capacity of up to 525W, and two eight-pin plus a six-pin (coupled with the PCI-E slot itself) only 450W, fed unsaturated.

AMD New Bomb R9 295X2

This is different from the public version of the card will be the first time.

Titan Z is the first of a three-volume public version of the card slot, R9 295X will be more thick is still unknown, but if you follow the ASUS ARES II should be designed to ensure the body is still a dual slot.

If all this is true, it can only say that AMD has been completely crazy, but for Bitcoin miners, etc. Can be considered good news. Previous generation dual-core Radeon HD 6990 was mining the berserk, today’s Radeon R200 series is also largely a result out of stock. Radeon R9 295X2 this level of the card is naturally more mining tool. Well, we are waiting for 8, April.


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