AMD’s Dual-Core flagship Radeon R9 295X2 released soon, leaked news is more and more, increasingly demonstrates AMD’s madness.

AMD Dual-Core Bomb R9 295X2: The card will be packaged in a special suitcase, Pictures will be on 2 April 

According to a confidentiality agreement, R9 295X2 will be officially released on April 8, the day we can see the full product description, performance evaluation. But in the April 2, AMD will allow reviewers to post photos in advance, but not the card itself but also the suitcase.

Yes, the card will be packaged in a special suitcase, the absolute tall. From the leaked photo, suitcase aluminum metal material should be equipped with locks, front printed R9 295X2 silhouette silhouette figure.

Is not there a very familiar feeling? Exactly. Asus Ares two generations of AMD platform card (ARES 5870X2 , 7970X2 ARES II) are also sent to the suitcase, but this style and AMD are almost identical. Coupled with R9 295X2 and ASUS ARES II will use a similar hybrid water-cooled + design, and good cooperation between the two sides consistently, almost certainly Asus also involved R9 295X2 development process and contributed a lot of ideas and techniques.

AMD R9 295X2 special suitcase
AMD R9 295X2 special suitcase

NVIDIA dual-core aspect has always insisted on doing his own card, suppress Asus MARS Mars series, I believe this is the ASUS fully support AMD’s one reason.

About R9 295X2, few places can additionally confirmed include:

  • – R9 295X2 is the final model, but was also considered R9 290X2, R9 295 such names.
  • – GDDR5 memory capacity of 8GB, well NVIDIA Titan Z 12GB so crazy and a lot.
  • – At least five output interface includes a dual-link DVI-D, four mini DisplayPort. NVIDIA claims for 5K, then known as an AMD Eyefinity technology with Eyefinity can get 8K.

In terms of power consumption. Fudzilla claims of up to 500W, can only say that it is possible. R9 290X power has never been official data, an estimated 270-290W, R9 295X2 firepower definitely not low.

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