Few hours back Intel has announced its Q2 quarterly earnings and now AMD also announced its Q2 -quarter earnings for this year, although AMD has issued a warning after Q2 earnings that things are not looking good, but the actual situation is really very bad — AMD Revenue $942 million, down 35%, an operating loss of $ 137 million, a net loss of $ 181 million. Well, the numbers are actually very consistent with Q1 quarter a loss of $180 million, but in the last year of same period they have faced a setback of $ 360 million loss. 

AMD’s CEO Dr.Lisa Su said in an interview a few days ago that AMD will eventually recover lost ground, she portrayed the future is good, but the reality of the financial situation of AMD is really a mess, poor PC environment. 


Profitability, Q2 AMD quarter operating loss of $ 137 million, a net loss of $ 181 million, diluted earnings per share of $ -0.23 in the previous quarter is also a loss of $ 180 million last year, $ 63 million Q2 quarter still operating profits, but after accounting part of the business or a loss of $ 360 million.

There are lots of reasons behind this results – first, slowing PC demand, AMD APU shipments for the OEM market fell (No new AMD products for this year, the mobile market Carrizo released late last year, and till now they have shipped nothing).

In addition, AMD recently adjusted its product roadmap, 20nm process several products have been canceled, the full steering FinFET process, which led to a $ 33 million loss. Although TSMC 20nm production capacity already now vacant, and even lower prices to draw customers, but AMD seems bent to skip the 20nm node.

AMD Now Almost A Quarter Of What It Paid To Acquire ATI Technology


AMD continues with bad news, if I had enough with a Radeon Fury burdened with a terrible graphics drivers now know that the company’s shares have continued to fall to a value of 1.87 dollars per share, which makes the market capitalization. The company is about 1,530 million dollars, almost a quarter of what AMD paid to acquire ATI Technology  a decade (5,600 million dollars) ago.


If we look at the competition, Intel has a value of 140,800 million dollars (92 times richer) and NVIDIA 10,700 million (7 times).

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