The next generation of GPUs from AMD (Arctic Islands) are designed to offer a massive energy efficiency and increase performance per watt consumed, which is quite important if we consider the impressive savings that has managed the company using New silicon Fiji  (Radeon Fury family) regarding the Hawaii GPU (Radeon 390X / 390).

AMD promises a massive energy efficiency with upcoming GPUs


The first of these chips, codenamed “Arctic Islands,” will leverage cutting edge 10 nm-class FinFET silicon fab technology, with bare-metal and software optimization to increase exponentially the GPU performance per watt consumed. According to the source AMD is excited about transitioning to DirectX 12 and Vulkan, claiming it is a very good for Radeon and FirePro cards in long-term change.

Without doubt, for now AMD is looking nice with its AMD Zen CPUs, GPUs promises further improved energy efficiency by doubling the performance thanks to a new lithography.

P.S: If they make an efficient they can appeal to low end users due to the low power consumption and the high end cards with be able to have more shaders, and higher clock speeds because since it takes less power it runs cooler. Power efficacy and performance go hand in hand, the more performance your card has, the more power it needs, but having power efficiency lets you have more performance without killing the card.

Via: TechPowerUp / Wccftech

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