Today we return to Polaris, the new graphics architecture from AMD. This time we focus on “Project F” a silicon manufactured by GlobalFoundries and Samsung to a manufacturing process of 14nm FinFET LPP which so far we only know that the die size is 232mm 2, this imformation is more than enough to confrim that it would replace the Pitcairn (Curacao and Trinidad). In other words, a Polaris 10 GPU will be focused on mid-range graphics cards, so we could be talking about the Radeon R7 470 and Radeon R9 470X.

Project F is AMD Polaris 10?


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Obviously, this information essentially says nothing concrete, but the first tangible proof is that all graphics cards from AMD Radeon 400 series will use the new architecture saying goodbye at last to rehash silicon, so it’s gratifying to think of a generation of low midrange GPU and 14nm silicon to significantly increasing the basis of a whole generation of GPU performance and all at very low power consumption, which also translates in very good temperatures and the ability to enchance the chip overclocking capablity, which will not be exclusive to high-end.

14LPP – Enhanced version with higher performance and lower power; a full platform offering with MPW, IP enablement and wide application coverage — Global Foundaries

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