At this CES 2014 (Consumer Electronics Show), there are numerous reason to be excited, gaming devices, Steam Machines, Nvidia new Tegra K1 192-core Super-Chip, also AMD comes with powerful Kaveri APU’s and now code-named “Mullins” is the new Eye-catching AMD Project in which tablet designed concept will give the PC-Class gaming performance equipped with the Kaveri APU platform.
This “Mullins” is even given double performance than previous generation Consoles with good control claimed by AMD.

AMD’s senior product manager also said that the Prototype will be used by the hardware experts partner and people will get this candy in the Q2 of this year. Consumers will have to wait for a long period.


Windows 864bit is running as Operating system and in additional the tablet is also optimized for the multitasking built-in Mullins processor and with the Dock Port connection technology, we can also connect gamepad with it, handling is also looking perfect. Physical inputs, audio and power, Gamepads and a variety of other things is supportive of the Dock port technology. AMD has hidden the specification of Project Discovery but one thing needs to be sure that Mullins is a 28nm processor based tablet with the AMD Redeon graphic processor.

Also, if we see the performance of PES 2013 on Tablet it’s looks amazing in graphic and here we can clearly say that AMD Project Discovery is the first gaming tablet which will give the gaming performance of PC level.

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