NVIDIA has been in high-performance computing Tesla K40, Graphics workstation Quadro K6000, Dual-core flagship GeForce GTX Titan Z is equipped with a 12GB mass memory product on the top three lines. AMD is also not to be outdone, has just announced a new professional graphics ” FirePro W9100 “directly on the 16GB GDDR5!!!

AMD Professional Card FirePro W9100 with 16GB memory
AMD Professional Card FirePro W9100


AMD Professional Graphic Card FirePro W9100 with 16GB memory

FirePro W9100 based on the latest GCN 1.1 architecture, the core is the top of the “Hawaii”. Compared to the previous FirePro W9000 “Tahitian” (Tahiti) core, which not only introduces TrueAudio other game features, the most important is to enhance the asynchronous computation engine (ACE), a wider four primitive geometry pipeline, and overall performance, energy efficiency improvement, professional graphics rendering is very important.


FirePro W9100 on specifications like Radeon R9 290X, but also the complete Hawaii core, 2816 stream processors (44 compute units), 176 texture units, but has not yet announced a specific frequency, and therefore do not know how many blocks than FirePro W9000, but only with 38% more stream processors that progress will be very large.

AMD Jumped from 6GB to 16GB of memory is a bit scary. Bit wide or full 512-bit, equivalent frequency of 5GHz, the bandwidth of 320GB /s.

AMD also gives some theoretical performance data, single-precision FP32 5.24TFlops, FP64 double 2.62TFlops, that double as single-precision 1/2, while R9 290X is only 1/8, which is the consumer and the professional difference.

The output side is lined up six miniDP , supports DP 1.2, can drive up to six 4K Ultra HD displaysPower consumption is 275W, then , higher than their predecessors only a 1W, while lower than about R9 290X 290W a lot.

As the only paper announced today, instead of the official release, so details of the message so far, the price naturally did not reveal. FirePro W9000 currently available at $ 3,999.

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